Rep’s record reflects sparkling attendance

State Rep. David Zoni (D-Southington) earned a 100 percent grade on votes taken in the state House of Representative during the 2013 General Assembly session.

According to the Clerk of the House, the 2013 individual records reflect 423 votes or 100 percent cast by Zoni.

“I was pleased to learn that I was present and voted on the votes taken in the house,” Zoni said. “While I strive to be on hand for all debates and votes, sometimes there are circumstances beyond any legislator’s control that prevents a vote, like an illness or a serious family matter.

“I will continue to work to vote on all issues and hope no unforeseen events prevent me from doing just that. I consider representing Southington an honor and being present to vote a responsibility that I take seriously.”

Zoni is in his first term in the general assembly and serves on the aging, public health and finance, revenue and bonding committees.

Submitted by legislative office of Dave Zoni

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